Best SEO Tools for 2022: How to Improve Website Traffic

By Arif Kazi

In the digital age, it has become imperative to have a virtual presence of your brand. What’s better than having a website? However, things don’t end there. You need to be on your toes frequently to get your website to the top of search results on a search engine. You may be familiar with SEO, but the dynamics for managing it keep changing due to multiple factors. Here is a list of contemporary SEO tools that can make your job easier to attract more traffic to your website.

Companies are increasingly virtual. Internet has become the easiest way to reach the customer with your products when they search for the desired product/service. The dynamic is no longer in the format where customers leave their house to buy something in a physical store, but can simply click on a few links and order it online. For example, the Google search engine’s “Ok Google” voice command service has revolutionized the way people search for what they want on the Internet. Therefore, the real quest now remains: are you on top whenever customers search for relevant products/services that you also sell in? Regardless of search engine, is your website and its content optimized to organically rank #1 on the search engine results page (SERP)?

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SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a term you and your business might be bombarded with day in and day out. Simply put, it is the conduct that a business follows to increase traffic to its website or other landing pages by improving its ranking in search engine results. Suppose you have searched for a keyword on Google and it brings you a wide range of websites with relevant content. However, we tend not to go beyond the fourth or fifth website in the list, as we usually find our relevant information on the initial websites. Those websites that appear at the top of search have robust SEO in place to make it there.

SEO tends to be a good mix of art and science and you need to apply both of them while taking care of them for your website to reach the top position on the SERPs. Let’s cover the basics – creating content from scratch with relevant keywords will automatically take your website to the top of the SERPs. But, as simple as it may seem, improving its position on the SERPs is just as complex given the algorithms on which most search engines rely. Over time, it is difficult to crack the code of a search engine, but you can only test ways to improve your position on the SERPs by engaging with powerful SEO tools that you may want consider.

Let’s dig deeper into what SEO tools do and look forward to ending 2022 with a bang.

What are SEO tools used for?

The main purpose of SEO tools is to provide you with metrics for SEO tools to provide you with metrics on your website’s performance on the SERP and levels of engagement with visitors, which will lead you to take smart decisions to improve your website’s search engine ranking. . These tools run a variety of analytics for your website, including site speed analysis, social media analysis, content analysis, backlink analysis, and site health and website metrics. analytics, which are then delivered to you in the form of actionable reports that you can work on to strategize and improve your website’s ranking on a SERP.

Which SEO tools are ideal for your business?

There is a wide range of SEO tools to suit everyone’s different needs for their business. They differ in their prices and offers. You can opt for one or more tools to run trial and error methods to determine how similar the analyzes of these tools are. As your business goes digital, most SEO tools are cloud-based and can be used over the internet with a trial period followed by subscription fees depending on your taste in the SEO tool(s).

Google Analytics

This powerful tool has to be on the list. Not an SEO tool in its entirety, Google Analytics is a go-to tool for most because it’s free and maintained by tech giant Google itself. Interestingly, the tool needs you to place some code in your website, then share your website data with Google, which it then analyzes and provides a detailed diagnosis on areas that might need your attention. this also free of charge in most cases.

It easily helps you with data about – the region of your website visitors; the keywords that brought users to your website and how their journey through your website was. If you are looking to funnel the visitor into becoming a customer, you can explore the conversion feature that allows you to track the user journey on your website.


Ideal for e-commerce, this SEO tool focuses primarily on pay-per-click advertising. Along with traditional features like content analysis and backlink tracking, SpyFu helps you keep tabs on how your competitors are performing by giving you detailed insights into traffic analysis and the SEO tactics they are using. engage to maximize traffic.

SEO PowerSuite

Being easily compatible with desktop computers, SEO PowerSuite is an application that provides basic analysis including backlink analysis, ranking analysis and keyword research. Being a local application, the cost of owning this tool is relatively lower than its cloud-based counterparts, charging only an annual fee. For SEO beginners or those who are rarely used, SEO PowerSuite Free Edition gives you access to the main SEO tools and is not time limited.


Majestic SEO Tools has been an SEO tool in the market for a long time. With a focus on backlink analysis, Majestic suggests relevant links and an abundance of relevant website links to your content, which in turn will help your website rank in the SERPs.

With its USP of decoding the quality of the backlink mentioned on your website, Majestic separates the quality links from the pool of links and websites, improving the contemporary approach to your website content. Its free version allows you to explore a key nudge on how SEO with a focus on backlink analysis could help you increase your stake.


Ideal for digital marketing needs, BrightEdge focuses primarily on real-time research and analytics. Large amounts of data are stored by BrightEdge in a data cube which is provided to its customers to speed up their keyword research while receiving constantly updated data in real time from the internet. The data repository is further integrated with BrightEdge tools that identify an SEO strategy.

The dynamics of SEO keep changing over time. All you need to know is that you have the right tool to maximize your business’s virtual reach to visitors and customers on the Internet.

(The author is CEO and founder of Dust Value. Opinions expressed are his own.)

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