Bitcoin ATMs Devoured By Attackers Who Created Fake Admin Accounts – Naked Security

You wouldn’t know this from visiting the company’s main website, but General Bytes, a Czech company that sells bitcoin ATMs, urges its users to fix a critical bug that drains money in its server software.

The company claims worldwide sales of more than 13,000 ATMs, which cost $5,000 and more, depending on features and appearance.

Not all countries have appreciated cryptocurrency ATMs – the British regulator, for example, warned in March 2022 that none of the ATMs operating in the country at the time were officially registered, and said it would be “contact the operators to order the stopping of the machines”.

We went to check on our local encrypted ATM at the time and found it displaying a “Terminal Offline” message. (The device has since been removed from the mall where it was installed.)

Nonetheless, General Bytes claims to serve customers in more than 140 countries, and its global map of ATM locations shows a presence on every continent except Antarctica.