Bitcoin just recorded the best month of trading activity in July since last year, up 19%. What does this mean for PivaCrip?

Although the total cryptocurrency market capitalization has yet to reach its all-time high position, currently fluctuating around the $1 trillion mark, there is positive movement among major cryptos. at all levels. And with Ethereum (ETH) up over 50% in the past month, it was only a matter of time before Bitcoin (BTC) followed in its younger sibling’s footsteps.

Yes, Bitcoin (BTC) may have fallen over 65% since its all-time high in November 2021, hitting an astonishing $69,000. However, the road ahead looks quite promising as he just wrapped up his best month since last year. In today’s editorial, I’d like to explore why investors might remain bullish on Bitcoin and what that means for the crypto market, including a new project, PrivaCrip (PRCR).

Is Bitcoin (BTC) gaining momentum?

At the time of writing, the top digital asset by market capitalization is trading at $24,094, per data from CoinMarketCap. Despite rising for seven days in a row, Bitcoin’s (BTC) 30-day rise is the largest spike since October of last year! This alone could sign an upcoming bull rally as Bitcoin (BTC) and the rest of the crypto herd have been battered by rising inflation, the potential global recession and the most extensive military conflict in Europe since WWII. .

As the Fed has raised interest rates several times over the past two months, investors are eyeing the risky assets that have recently flooded the bear market. Apart from US stocks, this also includes Bitcoin (BTC) and other digital coins and tokens, which are known to be volatile.

However, given the data, Bitcoin (BTC) has done better than analysts had expected and is still walking closely hand-in-hand with the traditional US stock market, a trend that has become particularly evident in 2022. As of Friday, US stocks are up. for the third day in a row and are set to record their best day in nearly two years as investors appear less spooked by the Federal Reserve’s moves to calm inflation.

Another reason investors should remain bullish on Bitcoin (BTC) is that despite the bear market, professionals are eager to receive their salaries in crypto, according to a Deel industry report. Although professionals don’t mind getting paid with a wide range of coins, Bitcoin (BTC) has dominated the crypto payments scene. The report concluded that over 47% of dollars have expressed interest in being paid in Bitcoin (BTC) across various industries over the past six months.

Disclaimer: For the report, Dell, which is a global payroll specialist, used data from over 100,000 cross-border contracts in 150 countries and over 500,000 salary data points.

PrivaCrip (PRCR): Privacy for the masses!

Privacy has always been a cornerstone of crypto and blockchain development, occupying one of the three pillars of industry success. One could even suggest that blockchain technology would be obsolete without its immutable privacy feature. Recognizing this, the PrivaCrip (PRCR) aims to provide a network that will be the most secure blockchain in the world. To accelerate the mass adoption of Web 3.0 use cases, the project will create a safe environment for users when sharing information.

Having its eyes on the DeFi market as one of its main prizes, the PrivaCrip (PRCR) will solve the industry’s inherent privacy problem by providing a scalable solution that would retain maximum user data security. One of the main tools to achieve this would be to use a tool known as Tokenize Data, which many saw as a game changer, laying the groundwork for a completely new environment.

By guaranteeing that the information will remain private and cannot be reused without consent, this would de facto return control of the data to the users. Considering the amount of information recorded in DeFi and other crypto domains, such a project could indeed promise a brighter future for the crypto industry in the future.

The essential

The U-turn that Bitcoin (BTC) is making will inevitably impact other altcoins, and the market will once again reside in green territory, for now. PrivaCrip will be no exception, and as soon as the presale phase ends, its upward movement should become a thing of the past. However, always do your own research, even for massively acclaimed projects like Bitcoin (BTC). May the force be with you among the vast blockchain networks!

If you want to learn more about PrivaCrip, visit their website for more information.

PrivaCrip (PRCR)

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