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Deadline Detroit’s website will go dark, says co-founder Lengel

Deadline Detroit — a digital outlet that billed itself as “independent” and “grassroots,” “providing an authentic view of Detroit” — announced it would “go dark” after Labor Day.

“Unfortunately, after celebrating Deadline Detroit’s 10th anniversary in April, I’ve simply run out of juice, the 24/7 task of overseeing an online publication with little vacation time has taken its toll” , co-founder Allan Lengel wrote in a Wednesday column. .

Deadline Detroit is a mix of aggregated news from other publications, opinions on a variety of issues, including reviews from other media outlets, and original reporting on a variety of issues.

In November, for example, Metro Detroit reporter Danny Fenster — who spent six months in a Myanmar jail last year and was featured on “60 Minutes” — gave an exclusive interview to Deadline Detroit.

American journalist Danny Fenster, second from left, is greeted by his brother, Bryan Fenster, left, his mother, Rose Fenster, second from right, and his father, Buddy Fenster, after arriving at John F. Kennedy Airport from New York on Tuesday.  , November 16, 2021. Fenster was sentenced last week to 11 years of hard labor, but was handed over to former US diplomat Bill Richardson on Monday, who helped negotiate his release.

Readership, Lengel said, averaged about 600,000 unique visits per month and reached 1.2 million during the pandemic.

In many ways, the website announcement is familiar, as news outlets struggle for sustainability and profitability in the face of declining advertising, rising printing and other costs, and concerns about journalistic credibility.

“Will local news survive?” is a question that journalism professors try to answer.

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