Decoding the buzz behind the success of Lynqyo, Bitcoin and Waves

Too risky until a few years ago, and now people can’t help but bet big on these digital assets. The rise in popularity of cryptocurrency has impressed people all over the world.

While many considered the magnificent escalations in value of the cryptocurrency a fluke until a few days ago, they are now showing continued promising returns that rival the utility provided by traditional financial instruments.

From inflation protection to data privacy and freedom from third-party interference, there are many benefits that give these blockchain-based assets an edge.

Today, users also have a choice of different types of cryptocurrencies like meme coins and non-fungible tokens. They have different use cases and are ideal for users who like a dynamic pace to build their investment portfolio. If you are new to the world of cryptocurrency, the internet is full of resources explaining cryptocurrency at an entry level.

Those who are worried about choosing a reliable bet could start their trading journey by researching some of the major names like Lynqyo (LNQ), Bitcoin (BTC) and Waves (WAVES).

Here’s a look at some of their major features and updates.

Linq: Driving Impact in the Creator Economy with Blockchain Solutions

Lynqyo is a decentralized platform that allows artists to tokenize, monetize, and license intangible content and explore new revenue streams. It has a native token called LNQ which can be used for many transactional purposes on the platform, including staking, paying fees, and provisioning the liquidity pool, among other use cases. The token will be available for presale to interested buyers.

The platform offers buyers a range of attractive rewards when purchasing the LNQ token. However, these tokens depend on a wide range of factors, including the cryptocurrency used in the transaction, and the timing and stage of presale when the tokens were purchased.

For example, if you use Binance’s BSC or BNB token and buy LNQ tokens, you will get an additional 8% bonus on Lynqyo tokens. Now, if the same transaction is completed within 10 minutes of registration, the buyer earns an additional 25% in tokens.

Lynqyo’s governance structure is based on the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) model in which LNQ token holders gain voting rights to vote for proposals submitted by other community members. These proposals generally deal with operational issues such as partnerships, acquiring a pool of liquidity and launching new products.

As part of its efforts to keep the token’s value stable, Lynqyo also issues liquidity pool (LP) tokens, which are typically used to compensate users for their contributions to maintain liquidity flow.

Abundant liquidity ensures smooth operations and transparent transactions. LP tokens are also used to track individual contributions. Finally, they help limit price fluctuations and keep the value of the token stable.

Bitcoin: one of the oldest but most successful cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin is an open-source cryptocurrency that can be used to make cross-border payments and peer-to-peer transactions. Another advantage of cryptocurrency is that users do not have to pay exorbitant transaction fees.

It launched a native BTC token that can be used for yield farming, token trading, acquiring a liquidity pool, and many other transactional purposes. It is also one of the oldest cryptocurrencies in the world which was rolled out in the 2000s.

Despite the influx of several cryptocurrencies over the years, Bitcoin has maintained its hold on the market with its nuanced features and rising prices. Bitcoin recently broke through the $24,000 mark and may well be heading for a long-term rally.

Get Wavey with Wave

Wave is a decentralized platform that gives its users access to open-source technologies to build high-performance and agile dApps. Its native token can be used for staking, earning rewards, and settling transactions, among other factors. Not only is it compatible with multiple blockchains, but it also has a low carbon footprint.

The number of daily transactions it processes on its platform is over 41,000. Moreover, it has over 1.5 billion DeFi assets locked on its platform. The waves recently saw a short-term rally after the whales decided to drive prices up.

Each of these cryptocurrencies has been buzzing lately. This is due to their vibrant ecosystems which provide the user with a myriad of tools and services that they can take advantage of.

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