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Does “ethical” cheating exist? This website says yes

If you can’t be monogamous and your spouse doesn’t like having an open marriage or polyamory, you need to sit down and discuss your relationship status.

One solution might be to suck it up and stay faithful, while another might choose to separate (and ultimately divorce) so you can be intimate with as many people as you want.

But here’s the thing about having multiple partners when you’re in a committed relationship: Both partners have to be on the same page.

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It seems pretty obvious, but for some reason people can’t figure out that cheating is cheating, even if you give it a fancy new name like “ethical cheating”.

What is ethical cheating?

The term ethical cheating was coined by the founder of the OpenMinded website, Brandon Wade, in 2015. He published an essay titled “How to Cheat on Your Wife”, which advises men to tell their wives they intend to cheat. before they start dating.

“Expect a bit of defensiveness,” the essay warns, which seems to me to say that even if the woman isn’t on board, as long as you’ve told her your intention, you’re free and clear to do whoever you want. please.

“Monogamy in the traditional sense doesn’t work for the majority of us,” said Wade, who is currently on his third wife. So that means he had some experience as a married person. “It didn’t work for me. There’s a growing movement of people being able to be honest with their mate that the traditional model isn’t working.”

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