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PRESS RELEASE. Zug, Switzerland, September 4, 2022 – The Everscale Foundation has been officially registered as a non-profit organization to facilitate the growth of the Everscale network ecosystem, attract new developers and further expand the international community. The Foundation’s mission is to remove the barriers between Everscale and the outside world.

In late 2021, the Everscale community supported a DAO initiative to create a real-world representation of the network. By the end of August this year, all necessary registration procedures had been completed and the Everscale non-profit foundation was officially launched in Zug, Switzerland, the benchmark location for international NPOs. In full accordance with the initial vision, the main areas in which the Everscale Foundation begins to exercise its functions are:

The Everscale Foundation will increase awareness of the network and provide a single point of entry for journalists, developers, influencers, government bodies, etc. The Foundation will set up professional working groups and develop the necessary interfaces. These can include PR, GR and marketing initiatives.

Grant program

The Foundation will be the preferred destination for qualified projects wishing to develop and create their products and businesses on Everscale. Projects that bring the most value to the network can be supported by the Foundation. These can vary from basic infrastructure developers (nodes, system utilities, etc.) to various projects in the DeFi, NFT, GameFi, metaverse and IoT spheres, or other areas as decided by vote by members of the Foundation in accordance with the current market context. .

Intellectual Property Management

The Foundation will be the place where the crucial intangible assets of the network such as trademarks, domains, patents, etc. will be stored and will protect these rights in court if necessary.

Legal Support and Compliance
To provide a better understanding of Everscale and facilitate listings of ecosystem tokens on exchanges, trackers and analytical resources, the Foundation will take the initiative to prepare and maintain versions of relevant legal documentation, including including, but not limited to, legal information. opinions, compliance policies, etc.

Promotion and extension
The Everscale Foundation will act as the popularizer of the network and its ecosystem, which may include participating in various industry events, publishing content, forming public opinions on various industry topics, and participating to industry working groups to represent ecosystem and industry interests.

Although the Everscale Foundation is appointed to perform a wide range of essential tasks, it will not become the centralized governance system for the Everscale network. As it is distributed by nature, Everscale has many passionate and supportive people and institutions that form alliances and unions to drive network growth, and the Foundation is just one of them. The Everscale Foundation will in no way control Everscale – it will only carry out the missions that will be delegated to it by public consensus within the framework of the allocated funding. The only real control possible in the Everscale network is the public consensus reached by voting with the native tokens of Everscale – EVER. Foundation decisions are not legally binding on members of the Everscale community; however, the Foundation may operate and sign all agreements on its behalf within the limits of its powers.

About Everscale

Everscale is a 5th generation PoS Layer 1 blockchain network. It is incredibly fast and is the most scalable blockchain out there. Everscale is one of the most technologically advanced blockchain networks, incorporating all the blockchain innovations and concepts of recent years. Its versatility gives it the potential to become a decentralized hub for many resource-intensive blockchains and applications such as GameFi, DeFi, micro-transactions, real-time auctions, etc. With its dynamic multithreading and sharding technology, there’s always more room to add capacity to handle any load, so the network can scale almost infinitely – that’s something no other blockchain can only offer.

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