Here are 5 main dangers of using lousy WordPress themes

We have lawyers and others asking about the best WordPress themes and it’s something that’s on the minds of many small businesses and others who want to cut costs by using canceled themes, basically being “scammed” or pirated themes.

As with any pirated entertainment software, this is an ethical issue that should be of serious concern to lawyers in particular but also to anyone in business.

Using canceled WordPress themes comes with risks related to website security, SEO, legal and privacy issues, all of which can be avoided with free WordPress themes and plugins.

WordPress is open source and therefore it can be said that using pirated themes based on premium wordpress themes is open season for anyone who wants to build a website.

Maybe, but it also robs premium theme owners of revenue and, far more importantly for the website owner, exposes them to potential risk through malicious code or severely compromised security.

1. The Security risk

While the idea of ​​getting a free theme might sound great, it comes with the major downside of potential malware or malicious code.

No matter how you operate online, the last thing you want is to be hacked through a coding glitch, risk having your data and website hacked, suffer data theft, and risk losing data. to be dropped by search engines because you have malicious code on your theme.

Paying for premium plugins and premium WordPress themes might be a hassle for you, but it’s nothing compared to the risk of losing it all with data loss, reputation damage and all other usage-related issues. a canceled WordPress theme or canceled WordPress plugins.

2. SEO risk

Using a hacked WordPress theme can also create big SEO issues. If your theme is the one with the wrong code, not only can it be hard to detect, after all that’s why it’s malicious, but it can attract spammy links to your site and generally create a situation where any SEO benefits and SEO rankings you may have developed will be lost.

The losses incurred, including the potential loss of personal information and personal customer data, may be sufficient to require a complete rebuild of the website, or even a rebuild and rebranding of the business, considering the damage that may occur to both your company’s site and brand.

3. The Compatibility issues Risk

Having a canceled version of a theme can also create lingering issues, such as compatibility with the plugins you need. If you need key plugins that don’t work with the theme, you’re in trouble again.

This can happen with SEO plugins, plugins for a membership website, carrying out the regular updates that the legal developer would provide, etc. Lack of compatibility and support from the original developers is a big downside to using a discontinued theme, just like using an outdated version of a “legitimate” theme can create problems.

4. The Privacy and legal issues Risks

We’ve already mentioned the issues around the potential loss of personal data, but the invasion of privacy that can occur from having a valid license for your theme can be another major issue. Security vulnerabilities that occur through malware and the like are a hassle you don’t want, not to mention legal issues and data loss from a canceled theme.

It’s also possible that your site is helping spread illegal material, getting involved in a dark web application, or compromising the security of other sites, which can lead to legal issues.

The same applies to the question of copyright on part of the code used. The license of code and that used in themes and plugins can vary widely, so part of a license may validate the use of some plugins, but not others.

The same goes for themes, which may see illegal copyright infringement of the license owner as a result of using canceled wordpress themes.

5. The Advanced Features and Functionality ‘To lack’

Any good website needs to keep pace with the changing online environment and having access to new theme developer features and the functionality and security that a good WordPress developer will provide is something that you helps maintain and improve your web presence. .

However, not being able to use the latest version of a theme and use the WordPress updates that the developers of those products will provide means that those advanced features and new features are lost, as are the automatic updates that come with wordpress plugins. premium and wordpress themes.

The lower price of having canceled plugins or free wordpress themes is well and truly negated by the downside risks.

What you can get in free downloads

There are many free plugins and free WordPress themes that can be used to avoid the problem of using canceled WordPress themes.

For example, you can use some of the top-rated WordPress themes that often come with all sorts of built-in features and top-notch support.

These are great and fast themes like Star, OceanWP, Bento, Blocky as well as many others that are fast, lightweight, and packed with features to build highly successful websites.

You can certainly add the premium versions of most of these themes for more functionality, but the free download you can get from these themes is often enough without having to mess with a canceled wp theme which can bring you nightmares.

The same goes for wordpress plugins that can build your website for nothing (apart from some effort and sometimes hard work).

For example, if you are creating a popup plugin, you can get a free version of OptinMonster. If you want a contact form you can get a free version of WPForms Lite, if you want an SEO plugin you can get All in One SEO for WordPress and so on.

The reality is that with these free themes and plugins, you can sometimes get more than you could even with a paid premium product. You can also make sure you’re getting the latest version of WordPress and have free WordPress repository alternatives that save you the stress, potential legal liability, and worry of having software rolled back.

Finally, consider the ethical aspects of this issue. With the open source software provided through WordPress, you have a ton of opportunities to get some really smart features and software for your website without having to undermine the people who work to create these products.

Part of your web business should be the requirement to ensure that you protect customers’ personal information, avoiding unnecessary security issues and legal proceedings, and achieving excellent website rankings.

‘Premium’ features don’t need to have a paid theme and they certainly don’t need a canceled theme when so many WordPress products offer the ability to build a robust, secure and high performing website.

Let us know if you have any questions or comments. We would like to know how you work, what themes and plugins you like. And subscribe to our site here for more key insights and advisory articles like this.

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