How to Setup IndexNow Using Rank Math WordPress SEO Plugin

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Microsoft Bing has announced that the popular WordPress SEO Rank Math plugin integrates the IndexNow instant indexing protocol. A publisher doesn’t even need to have an API key or a Bing Webmaster Tools account to enjoy the benefits of Instant Indexing. Getting started with IndexNow using the Rank Math SEO plugin is easy, especially with these step-by-step instructions.

Rank Math WordPress SEO Plugin

Rank Math is a popular SEO plugin that has over 1 million active installs. It’s popular because it’s easy to use and also because the plugin offers a generous selection of absolutely free features, including local SEO structured data and local search optimizations for SEO, which other plugins SEO charge extra.

Ranking Math UI

What makes Rank Math easy to use is that all functionality is organized as a user interface (UI) that uses mods which can be enabled or disabled, depending on your needs.

If you don’t need the local SEO optimization feature, leave this module disabled.

If you want Rank Math to generate sitemaps for your website, activate this module.

Switching on a module (in order to access a feature) activates a “settings” button which, when clicked, takes you to another screen where settings can be configured.

Screenshot of Ranking Math Modules UI

Ranking Math SEO Modules

Integrating IndexNow into Rank Math

The module’s user interface (UI) method for using IndexNow makes configuration easy. You just need to enable the feature and then click on the settings button to proceed to the final step to finalize how IndexNow works for your website.

It’s a great user interface that simplifies something that is usually very difficult.

IndexNow Module Convenience

The IndexNow feature is presented as a new module that only needs to be activated and then configured with a few simple choices.

Normally, to participate in the IndexNow instant indexing program, a publisher must register on the Bing Webmaster Tools website to obtain an account and then obtain an API.

This is no longer the case if you are using the Rank Math SEO plugin.

Activating the IndexNow module in Rank Math is all you need to do. Rank Math handles getting an IndexNow API key without having to worry about a Bing Webmaster Tools account.

How to configure IndexNow using Rank Math

Step 1: Access the Ranking Math Dashboard

To get started, first select Rank Math from the left WordPress menu, then select Dashboard: Rank Math > Dashboard.

Screenshot of the WordPress Rank Math menu

Math IndexNow Stage 1 Ranking

Step 2: Select the IndexNow module

The following screen shows you all available modules:

Rank Calculation Feature Modules Page

After selecting the IndexNow module, you will see the on/off toggle switch turn blue and a “Settings” button will appear at the bottom left of the module.

Screenshot of the IndexNow module

Ranking Math IndexNow Module

Step 3: Configure IndexNow settings

After clicking on the settings button, another page will open and this will be the last page you need to deal with.

Setting up the IndexNow module is simple. But the interface isn’t as clean as it could be, which is surprising considering how easy the rest of Rank Match is to configure.

To access the hidden settings of IndexNow, you need to click on the little “gear” icon labeled “Settings” which is on the left side.

Screenshot of the Settings button

Ranking Math IndexNow Parameters

Once you click on the Settings button, you can now start selecting the content types you want to alert Bing to crawl and index.

The choices are:

  • Posts
  • Media
  • pages
  • Plus an option to select MailPoet pages (if you have MailPoet installed)

For most publishers, you will only need to select posts, media, and pages. That is just about everything.

Screenshot of Rank Math IndexNow settings

Ranking Math IndexNow Parameters Selections

What happens next

After selecting the pages to index Bing, the Rank Math IndexNow module will take care of the API key and you are done.

Going forward, the IndexNow protocol will notify Bing whenever a post or page is published, whenever a post or page is updated, and whenever a post or page is deleted.

If you have chosen to index your media, this content will also be part of the notification.

IndexNow Instant Indexing

IndexNow is only used by Bing and Yandex at the moment. Many SaaS site builders and content delivery networks like Cloudflare and Akamai support the new IndexNow indexing protocol.

Not only does the protocol speed up the indexing of new or updated content, but it also helps reduce bot traffic on your site, freeing up resources for site visitors.

On the search engine side, this will reduce data center resources, which is another opportunity to reduce the carbon footprint of the data center, which is good for the environment.

Implementing Rank Math couldn’t be simpler and frictionless.

Rank Math was already an excellent choice for an SEO plugin.

The addition of the IndexNow module makes Rank Math even more useful and attractive, especially because Yoast still refuses to offer IndexNow as an option.


Read the official announcement on the Bing blog

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