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LG Innotek will improve its website to improve customer experience

  • Improved two-way communication through the new virtual showroom with virtual tour guide
  • Detailed introduction about future technology trends and innovation technology of LG Innotek
  • Focus on ESG-focused management and activities

Seoul, South Korea, September 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — “When I first visited the website, a virtual guide was able to walk me through the different products. The virtual guide was able to show me the latest high-tech trends and how they can change the world around us. surrounded.” said one interviewee recently.

LG Innotek has started building its online marketing capability for customer experience innovation. This is interpreted as enhancing the convenience of visitors, giving confidence to existing customers as a center of marketing content, and accelerating the discovery of potential customers.

On September 6LG Innotek (CEO, Cheol-Dong Jeong) announced that it has completed the renewal of its website with an improved user experience and enhanced content related to the interests of its customers. This website the renewal was conducted entirely from a user-centric perspective. By improving customer value and focusing on strengthening communication with customers, it has been carried out since the beginning of this year.

The biggest change in website this time is that it has greatly expanded LG Innotek’s point of contact with customers. Although it is a business-to-business venture, it fully reflected an objective of enhancing communication with all visitors, including general consumers, potential employees, investors, partners and customers.

Due to the constant curiosity about LG Innotek these days, the new website will allow visitors to learn more about the company as well as its technology and products. It will also allow visitors to directly leave inquiries regarding products, future business and recruitment. By adjusting his website As the default platform for communication with customers, LG Innotek has also established a plan to link various offline promotions. This means that the website will serve as a major point of contact that will enhance the customer experience.

In a striking new corner, “Virtual Showroom”, an interaction-based virtual visit place where you can experience LG Innotek’s new products and technologies is available. Visitors can browse the enterprise-based technology competitiveness for each theme under the virtual tour guide explanation. Although the guide speaks English, Korean and Chinese subtitles are also available. The virtual exhibition hall will also contain the main world exhibitions, news, as well as events such as the Consumer Electronics Show will also be presented. In addition, online campaigns related to offline events such as exhibitions and seminars will be conducted here at the same time.

LG Innotek has also created the “Innovation” corner in the category. Future topics such as autonomous driving, digital twins, metaverse and connectivity, as well as business sectors (optical solution, substrate and material, automotive components, electronic components, etc.) will be linked to stories on the development of products and technologies. The corner showcases technology trends and keywords that everyone might be interested in at least once, which are naturally related to LG Innotek’s relevant business and technical capabilities. As the first content, self-driving and digital twins began. Sensors and radar necessary for the operating mechanism of autonomous driving have been introduced. At the same time, Smart Factory, an AI/big data-based R&D platform, was touted as an example of digital twins that re-convert development and manufacturing methods.

The comprehensive advanced technology content and product introduction have changed more captivating. Aside from a simple list introduction, each has its own story. For example, regarding the “camera module”, a product of the optical solutions division, contents describing how LG Innotek achieved technical innovation were published in addition to detailed product specifications. These contents are introduced in a way that describes, for example, how a single product (component, in this case) is connected to consumers and what kind of changes it can bring to everyone’s daily life.

As always, LG Innotek takes great pride in its ESG activities and that is why we believe it is important to be actively open for our global customers to see our achievements. This section presents our ESG vision, our propulsion system and our management policy. As well as our efforts towards carbon neutrality, environmentally friendly technologies and the circulation of resources, which are currently underway.

In addition, the subscription button, where one can subscribe to LG Innotek newsletters, and the customer inquiry button, where one can leave a request, have been created at the top right of the main page. . This has been planned to strengthen communication on a regular basis with visitors who may become our potential customers. LG Innotek’s whitepaper and technology articles are also available for download. We also added customer convenience by adding the quick button to connect a visitor directly to LG Innotek’s Newsroom, LinkedIn and YouTube channel.

LG Innotek is making efforts in many aspects not only to website renewal, but also for online innovation in the customer experience such as LinkedIn and the white paper. The company plans to continue them also during the second half of the year.

According to In-Kyu Lee, Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) said, “Innovating the customer experience for existing and potential customers through the new website will be a driving force for the growth of a business-to-business enterprise.” He added that “the company will actively pursue various activities optimized for a business-to-business enterprise centered on data-driven digital marketing.”

The websiteThe URL of is below:


About LG Innotek Co., Ltd.

LG Innotek is an advanced materials and components manufacturer and a subsidiary of LG Group. The company’s business units include core components for mobile, automotive, display, semiconductor and IoT products. In addition, the company has cooperated closely with mobile device, household appliance and automotive enterprises, producing camera modules, automotive electronic components, wireless communication modules and substrate materials.

LG Innotek is headquartered in Seoul, Korea and its sales subsidiaries are located at Germany, UNITED STATES, China, Japanand Taiwan with production subsidiaries in mainland China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Mexicoand Poland. For more information, please visit the website:


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