Liquid Web Celebrates 25 Years of Helping Online Businesses Grow

A quarter century of business punctuated by technological advancements and cutting-edge support

ATLANTE, August 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Liquid Web, the market leader in cloud hosting and software solutions for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), celebrates 25 years of helping businesses grow online.

Over the past quarter century, Liquid Web has grown into a family of brands providing technology, services and support to successful businesses and nonprofits running websites, e-commerce stores and mission-critical applications. liquid canvas (High Performance Managed Hosting), Necessity (Digital Commerce Cloud), StellarWP (WordPress software and tools), and modern tribe (Enterprise WordPress Agency) has over 500,000 sites under management and supports over 175,000 software subscribers and over 2.5 million free software users.

The company was founded in 1997 by Matthew Hilldied suddenly on July 13, 2022. He was in high school when he founded Liquid Web in Holt, Mich.. For 18 years, before selling in 2015, with the help of family and friends, he laid the foundation for what the business is today.

In 2015, madison dearborn and the management team (Jim Geiger (CEO), Joe Osterling (CTO), and Carrie Wheeler (COO)) invested in Liquid Web. The new leadership team set out a vision to create a platform for small businesses – and the creators who build sites and stores for them – to make money online. The strategy was developed to innovate products and services that respond to market trends towards simplification and deliver the best hosting experience – to become the most useful humans in hosting®.

“All of our efforts and strategies are aimed at helping small businesses make money online,” said Jim Geiger, CEO. “We coined the term ‘web-dependent SMEs’ because, for our customers, their online presence it’s their business. They don’t “set and forget” their website; it’s not a brochure, it’s not a hobby. Our platform(s) power their online commerce and therefore their livelihood,” Geiger said.

Over the past 7 years, Liquid Web has invested heavily in product development, sales and marketing and expanded its platform and support capabilities by adding Managed WordPress (2016); Premium Business Email (2017); the industry’s first managed WooCommerce hosting (2018); Protection and Remediation Services (2018); VMware Private Cloud (2019); Cloud Flare (2019); Acronis Cyber ​​Backups (2020); Managed cloud servers (2020); VMware Private Cloud Multi-Tenant (2020); and Pile of Threats (2021).

The Liquid Web family of brands has also strategically strengthened its presence in the WordPress space by adding software companies like iThemes (2018), Restrict Pro Content (2020), The calendar of events (2021), Iconic (2021), KadenceWP (2021), DonateWP (2021), LearnDash (2021), and modern tribe (2021) to our portfolio. Additionally, a new branch of our business has been introduced to serve as an umbrella brand for all WordPress software offerings: StellarWP.

The company has honed a strategic focus around open source software and platforms, and the flexibility and ownership they offer site and online store owners. Because the customers they attract are largely found within the WordPress ecosystem – the world’s most dominant content management and commerce system, powering over 43% of all online properties on the internet today. – the company is committed to driving continuous innovation with new features, curated solutions, and tools to help customers realize the power of open source. In 2021, the company launched the first SaaS-like customer experience for buying, building, and managing an online store with a product called StoreBuilder, and in 2022 launched LearnDash Cloud. These products integrate hosting and organize a number of company-owned software solutions to innovate e-commerce solutions on WordPress.

“We continue to believe that we can be at the forefront of providing simplified, high-performing, secure and organized solutions to accelerate online access, stay and growth for SMEs and creators. Our North Star, our strategic vision, is to continue to simplify online commerce – in all its forms – for new and existing online merchants by leveraging open source solutions built on our infrastructure, software assets, industry expertise and our world-class technical support,” said Geiger. “We celebrate this anniversary with great pride and appreciation for our customers who trust us with their business and our employees, the most helpful humans in Hosting® who serve us. stand out as an industry leader. As we look to our future, we understand the responsibility we have to the businesses we support and we will continue to focus on our goal of helping SMBs and their creators make money online.”

About Liquid Web

Building on 25 years of success, our Liquid Web family of brands provides software, solutions and managed services for mission-critical sites, stores and applications to SMBs and the designers, developers and agencies that create for them. Liquid Web (Managed Hosting), Necessity (Digital Commerce Cloud), and StellarWP (WordPress Software and Tools) have over 500,000 sites under management, over 175,000 software subscribers and over 2 million free software users. Collectively, the companies have assembled a team of world-class experts, provide unparalleled service from solutions engineers available 24/7/365, and own and manage ten global data centers. As an industry leader in customer service, the growing family of brands has been recognized as one of INC Magazine’s 5,000 Fastest Growing Companies for 12 years. Learn more about the Liquid Web family of brands.

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