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Charnwood, Aug. 29, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Charnwood, England –

Loughborough, England – Matt G Tarrant, a digital marketer based in Loughborough, England, explained in a YouTube video how to increase website traffic and leads using the “FAQ Traffic Magnet” method that gives Google What he wants. It is the solution to the problem of the typical Google Play Algorithm practice where those who practice this risk getting shut down, leading to business closures and layoffs. While the conventional way to get long term website traffic is to have great content, this is expensive and time consuming and sometimes a site won’t always rank for its targeted keywords. More information on this can be gleaned from

The solution, according to Matt Tarrant, is to give Google what it wants to allow web pages to get 57% more traffic and to do so by leveraging the work done for already ranked pages using the simple FAQ. Traffic Magnet. This involves identifying the top three ranking keywords that are not yet mentioned on the webpage. And then, three short questions and answers are added to the content of the page on each of the three identified keywords, just like what is usually found in the frequently asked questions (FAQ) page. This can usually be added to the bottom of the page. With this, Google will reward the page by sending some of the people who search for those keywords to that page.

The process should be done for the pages of the website that the business owner wants to rank higher. And it is important to note that the effects will not be instantaneous. It will take time. And every page should be reviewed every three months. It would be a good idea to research more keywords the page should rank for and add them to the FAQ section at the bottom of the page. If done regularly, over time traffic will increase as people search for answers to their questions about certain keywords. Google will know that these web pages are giving people the answers they are looking for and will send more traffic to the page. And the important benefit of this is that the website will rank for those keywords that one didn’t even think possible.

These keywords are not even on the webpage except in the FAQ section. And it is possible to finally get traffic for new keywords which will result in more traffic. Additionally, the site will also get more traffic to the existing keyword that it has already ranked before, as Google will then give them higher and higher positions in the search results.

A case study by Matt Tarrant indicated a 57% increase in site visitors. Its FAQ Traffic Magnet program will do a number of things for the client: evaluate the entire website for opportunities; find the best page and the best keywords to target; develop three FAQ questions and answers; the optional feature of creating a schema that Google likes for the website; and package it for the customer to add to a website if they want.

It includes two bonuses: its Google Review Streaming service for free; and a banner ad in 12 different sizes to allow the customer to put them anywhere on the page to promote certain offers.

Matt Tarrant was a researcher at the Center for High Energy Physics (CERN) in Geneva, Switzerland, when he met employees of a small US-based start-up. Later, he became a member of this society, in particular of the company’s first office in Germany. But he later discovered that the business was not profitable but was losing money, so he took it upon himself to do something about it and he managed to turn the business around financially in six months. The following year, he was able to double the projected net profit to around $5.4 million. After a while, he joined another organization and he was able to show that he could build online businesses with moderate success. At present, it deals with the development of profit machines for business owners.

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