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New website helps companies hire and support people on the autism spectrum

ClearWeave Careers and Founder and Executive Director, Ryan Patrick Casey, MA

ClearWeave Careers and Founder and Executive Director, Ryan Patrick Casey, MA

The site ( will display training and allow companies to share information and resources on how to hire and retain people on the autism spectrum

NEW YORK, NY, USA, Aug. 23, 2022 / — ClearWeave Careers has launched, a new website that helps companies hire and retain neurodivergents (autism spectrum).

The site displays helpful information and will provide training for companies interested in maximizing their neurodiversity employment efforts.

“The site will be a go-to ‘cyber-place’ for companies wanting to learn more and implement concrete steps towards hiring the neurodivergent,” said Ryan Casey, founder of ClearWeave Careers and NDtraining. “The launch will display new strategies that have taken years in the field to develop,” Casey said.
The site will also allow companies to share helpful information and resources on how to hire and retain neurodivergent talent.
“We call it ‘ND Training’ because ‘ND’ refers to ‘Neurodiversity,'” Casey said.
Neurodiversity is a term that implies the inclusion of neurodivergence – a term used for an individual whose brain: processes, learns and/or behaves differently from what is considered “typical” or “neurotypical”.
“People on the autism spectrum often self-identify as ‘neurodivergent,'” Casey said. and quick to recruit and support neurodivergents,” Casey said.

Autism affects 1 in 44 children according to recent CDC statistics. However, more than 66% of young adults on the autism spectrum are unemployed, according to the Autism Society.

Casey has taught some of these methods at the Guggenheim Museum, Oracle and CVS.

Some of the training offered by the site includes “Neurodivergent 101” – a class that offers the basics of neurodiversity and how it can be addressed in the workplace.

Another class, “Neurodivergent Interviewing,” shows “the best ways to interview this population,” Ryan Casey said. “For example, typically people on the Spectrum won’t make eye contact, and that shouldn’t be overlooked in the process. We teach companies to look at a candidate through an unbiased skills assessment. This often includes knowing of software, which is a measurement goal,” Casey said.

Casey speaks to companies at events and in-house groups (such as ERGs – Employee Resource Groups) across the United States on workplace neurodiversity. This is usually done remotely for teams within a company/organization.
The site will also present studies carried out on employment in Neurodiversity. Some of these studies cover topics such as: social issues in the workplace, employment issues for this population, and what causes the employment gap compared to their neurotypical counterparts.

Ryan Casey is a workplace neurodiversity specialist who trains and intervenes in companies. He is the founder and executive director of ClearWeave Careers – a company that helps neurodivergents find and keep jobs. Ryan has appeared on PBS, spoken at Yale, and formed teams at: Guggenheim Museum, Oracle, and CVS.

Ryan Casey, MA is a workplace neurodiversity advocate with over 15 years of direct experience in the field. He holds a master’s degree in communication from the University of Hartford.

ClearWeave Careers has secured over 50 jobs for neurodivergent people across the country.

“I’ve developed innovative strategies to help businesses be more inclusive,” Casey said. “And it’s a win-win, because a company that does it with a supportive strategy wins a valuable employee.”

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