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NY schools stop reporting COVID cases on state website. What there is to know

Before President Biden declared the COVID-19 pandemic “over” on CBS on Sunday, New York recently stopped requiring schools to report cases and lifted most of the remaining mask mandates meant to curb outbreaks.

Yet despite officials pushing for a post-pandemic perspective, New York’s COVID-19 death toll has continued to rise – adding nearly 350 fatalities so far in September. And each life lost offered a stark reminder that the coronavirus is still causing untold pain and suffering across the state and the nation.

Meanwhile, the USA TODAY Network has gathered the following details on recent COVID-19 policy shifts in New York City as the state navigates a cautiously optimistic transition to life with the virus amid the continued threat of a resurgence this fall and winter.

Nyack High School student Emma Dorpe gets her COVID-19 shot from Nyack Hospital nurse Dori Barret at the high school on May 19, 2021.

End of NY Schools COVID Reports

In late August, state health officials sent letters to educators detailing COVID-19 policies for the current school year, including easing quarantine and testing mandates.

The letter also said schools would no longer be required to report positive COVID-19 test results among students and teachers to state officials on a daily basis.

Daily test results were also posted on a now-disabled website called the School COVID-19 Report Card, which allowed parents to monitor cases at each school.

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