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HOME AWAY FROM HOME: “We are thrilled to have this wonderful facility for our dogs,” says Carole Lini, owner of All Good Dogs Daycare. “I now own the Schalks Crossing property and look forward to new opportunities and further renovations. I am so lucky to have a wonderful and dedicated staff to help me provide the best care for our canine clients. Staff members at 113 Schalks Crossing Road are shown outside the beautiful brick house, which now houses 20 to 35 dogs five days a week.

VSArole Lini loves her job. As the owner of All Good Dogs Daycare for over 20 years, she provides dogs with a safe, supervised and socialized home away from home.

But even before that, she knew that taking care of dogs was her passion. As a young girl, she played with her own pets, and as she grew up, she took on dog-walking projects.

“I always knew I wanted to work with animals,” she says. “I started out as a vet tech, then worked as a pet sitter, walking dogs and caring for cats. I realized that even with three or four visits a day, the dogs still didn’t get enough attention and felt lonely. Another way had to be found. »

This led her to open All Good Dogs daycare in Kingston in 2000, with a focus on providing dogs with a safe, friendly and supervised environment that offered exercise and socialization.

Better environment

“We pride ourselves on providing the best environment and experience for dogs,” she says. “We are available for people who are not comfortable with the typical kennel situation, where the animals are in a more confined area.”

With the growing popularity of her dog daycare program, Lini found she needed even more space to accommodate the growing number of daily visitors.

“We moved to 113 Schalks Crossing Road in southern Brunswick 20 years ago, and it’s a wonderful place. We have over two acres and room to expand, so dogs can get plenty of exercise and stimulation, as well as indoor relaxation time.

After many years of renting the property she was able to purchase it this year and has already restored the 80 year old brick house’s slate roof and added attractive new landscaping to complement the towering century old oak and beech trees that distinguish the property. It’s a beautiful setting,

“I’m very excited about owning the property,” says Lini. “It’s a special place. There’s really nothing like it here, and it’s a really worthwhile project.

Overseeing such a large operation is extremely time-consuming, especially since she also owns another All Good Dogs daycare center at 160 Basin Road in Lawrence, as well as Whisker Watchers: Happy Tails, a pet sitting and walking business. of dogs.

PET PALS: “We have big yards — really park-like yards — with outdoor play furniture, even a little pool to cool off in, so they can have fun and exercise,” says Carole Lini, founder and owner of All Good Dogs Daycare. Pictured are four canine companions having fun playing at All Good Dogs Schalks Crossing Road daycare.

Without cage

In addition to daycare, Lawrence’s facility offers night boarding. “We are really pioneering this concept in our area, especially the 24/7 cage-free boarding concept,” Lini reports.

She is extremely proud of the staff she has assembled at both sites and attributes much of the company’s success to the dedication and skill.

“They are just exceptional. You really need a village! Everyone here loves animals and knows their care and needs. The staff benefits from continuous training. They need to know how to introduce themselves to the dog and how to handle multiple dogs.

Typically, 20-35 dogs are found at the immaculately clean Schalks Crossing facility five days a week. Many dogs come every day, others three or four days. Half days and full days are available.

When owners first consider sending their dogs to All Good Dogs, they first complete a questionnaire, says Lini, “Then we will do a long assessment of the dog. We want to see how he interacts and mixes with other dogs, and how the dog acts without his owner. We want to see if the dog will be a good match here. They should mix well with other dogs; we do not accept dogs with aggressive behavior. In addition, they must be sterilized or neutered, and all vaccines must be up to date.

Four months to 14 or 15 years is the typical age range at All Good Dogs, with the upper limit depending on the health of the dog. From Chihuahuas to Great Danes have been customers, of all sizes and intermediate breeds.


“We group dogs based on their age, size, temperament and activity level,” says Lini. “We put dogs together that are a little sweeter and we find that the dogs often form friendships with each other. They generally behave very well. In addition, by observing the personality of each dog, you can anticipate its behavior.

Generally, guests bring their dog’s food, but the property will provide food, if needed. In addition, the staff will give medication, if needed, and a veterinarian is on call.

When the dogs embark for the night at the Lawrence center, they stay between one or two nights, a week or more. There’s always a staff member available, notes Lini.

Many owners are so devoted to their dogs that they even call to talk to them on the phone. Lini adds that other customers sometimes have unusual requests. “As a pet sitter, I was asked to sing a special song to a cat!”

Current relationship

She happily complied, as she is always eager to do whatever she can to create a pleasant environment for any pet.

It can also be an ongoing relationship, she adds. “Many of our dogs come to us as puppies and continue to come as they get older. They develop a relationship with the staff and with their canine playmates.

“It’s a labor of love for all of us,” she continues, “and again, I couldn’t do it without my great staff. They are loyal and compassionate employees.

“As I take a step back from the day-to-day running of this 24/7 business, I know it is in the able hands of my South Brunswick managers Jessica Winter and Tori Borelli. and Lawrence’s managers Adam Miller and Jack Flynn.”

After being closed for several months in 2020 due to COVID-19, All Good Dogs is doing better than ever, Lini says. More and more people have pets and want the best environment and experience for them.

“Our service is really helpful for people living in condos, townhouses, and apartments, as well as people who have trouble walking their dogs,” Lini points out. “We also offer grooming and bathing services.

“We distinguish ourselves as an independent company. We are not a franchise, but a dog care boutique, emphasizing personal attention. We have also always had excellent support from the local community, and in addition, we work with the rescue organization SoCo Southern Comfort, which brings abandoned dogs from north to south.

hard work

Day and night boarding rates vary, with different packages available, including club cards. Discounts are offered to military, seniors and essential workers.

“We’re really here to help, and I love seeing happy dogs and the delight of customers when they know their dogs are safe and cared for,” says Lini. “It means a lot to me to see our cage-free daycare concept come to fruition after all these years of hard work.”

Indeed, Carole Lini is very proud to have turned her love and concern for animals into a thriving business, but in some ways she believes it is still a work in progress.

“There’s more to do, and I’m excited about my new business plans and opportunities now that I own the property. Stay tuned!”

AAll Good Dogs Daycare at 113 Schalks Crossing Road and 160 Basin Road in Lawrence are open Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Night boarding is available at the Lawrence Center.

Schalks Crossing Road: (609) 275-7177. Basin Road: (609) 587-3535. Website: allgooddogscagefree.com.

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