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State’s Attorney’s Office Unveils Redesigned Website

The Lake County State’s Attorney’s Office unveiled a redesigned website intended to be more streamlined and accessible to residents.

People who visit will find easier ways to find victim services and convenient ways to survey the performance of the county attorney’s office, State’s Attorney Eric Rinehart said.

“It’s more accessible to people with disabilities, provides transparency to our legal system, and better supports those we serve — our neighbors in Lake County,” he said.

Users will find the data dashboard prominently displayed. The statistics displayed there promote transparency, Rinehart said.

“We need data to stop people arguing about whether bias exists both inside and outside of the Lake County courthouse — it does,” said- he declared. “And that’s why our new website highlights our data dashboard, because transparency and accountability equal trust.”

Other new features include an overview of community initiatives and partnerships led by the LCSAO. The website is intended to be easier for people with disabilities by including captions on all videos. Colors and fonts have been selected with foresight for people with impaired sight.

The site also includes a victim feedback form and, initially, a place where people can report possible labor law violations.

“Adding this labor violation form to our website will help our office assist law enforcement partners in investigating and litigating cases involving violations of wage laws or labor practices. It should be easy for every neighbor in Lake County — and everyone means everyone, no exceptions — to contact our office if their rights are being violated,” Rinehart said.

“This website is another step in fulfilling the promise I made when I was sworn in as State’s Attorney: to inform, comfort and seek justice for victims, regardless of their position in life,” he added. “That means ensuring justice, confronting privilege, and using data to advise our practices and educate the public, and hold us accountable for any unconscious bias.”

“Get Behind the Badge”

The Mundelein Police Department will feature a Latino police academy that the department says will allow residents to “get behind the badge.”

The eight-week program will provide people who live in or near Mundelein with a better knowledge and understanding of police procedures and an understanding of the day-to-day challenges of law enforcement.

The course will be held at the police department and will take place on Thursdays from 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. starting September 22. The program is free and participants must be 18 years of age or older.

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The courses, which will be conducted primarily in Spanish, will include lectures and interactive features that will cover various aspects of police work, including special operations, 911 communications, firearms use, self-defense and crime prevention.

Participants will attend a graduation ceremony at the end of the course and receive a certificate of participation. They will also be invited to join the police academy alumni association and in doing so maintain an ongoing relationship with the MPD.

The police department will post a registration form on the department’s website, which can be found in the police section of the village’s website, For questions, contact Community Service Officer Josh Peterson at (847) 968-4600.

Drive sober or get pulled over

For anyone hitting the road this holiday weekend, have a safe trip. And if you’re hanging out in Lake County, please drive sober.

To keep our roads safe, the Sheriff’s Office and county police departments are participating in a heightened enforcement effort over Labor Day weekend.

They will keep a close watch on impaired motorists, so drive sober or get pulled over.

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