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About the READY initiative

When major outbreaks occur, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are often on the front line, using their close ties to affected communities and their expertise to support outbreak preparedness and response. READY, an initiative funded by USAID’s Humanitarian Office and led by Save the Children and a consortium of partners, helps NGOs respond more effectively to major disease outbreaks in humanitarian settings. Through investments in a strong and diverse capacity building portfolio, sharing knowledge and best practices, and engaging with key coordination groups to identify and respond to real-time needs, READY provides national humanitarian NGOs and international organizations the knowledge and skills to be ready to respond to major epidemics through integrated and community-centred approaches. READY’s approach is integrated and aims to bring together maternal, newborn and reproductive health, child protection, agriculture and food security, mental health and psychosocial support (MHPSS), water, l sanitation and hygiene (WASH), nutrition and cross-cutting issues. such as risk communication and community engagement and gender. For more information about READY, visit us at www.ready-initiative.org.

Project summary

READY is looking for a developer to create a simplified and engaging page on the existing READY website, which is in WordPress. The page will highlight tools and resources created by READY and key external resources for NGOs aiming to prepare to respond to major outbreaks in humanitarian settings.

Project objective and scope

The goal of this new homepage is to provide an engaging space for organizations to search and find the most relevant sectoral and cross-cutting tools and resources to operationally and technically prepare for an outbreak. We envision a highly usable, engaging and engaging website page for a global audience that includes a dynamic design and search/tag functionality to allow users to easily find resources. Currently, our resource posts can be tagged and/or categorized; we would be willing to pursue this approach, but we would also be interested in the faceted search capability. For reference, the current collections page can be found on the READY website here.

READY is looking to engage a website developer who will provide creative website design expertise to run this new landing page and corresponding resource posts. More specifically, the consultant will:

  • Work with the READY team to review the matrix of resources to include
  • Discuss and present a website design proposal
  • Develop landing page and staging resource posts
  • Test the website on mobile devices and across all web platforms, including user testing for search usability
  • Make design changes if needed, based on user feedback
  • Train key members of the READY team on how to make future resource updates to the page(s).


  • Workplan outlining the timeline and key deliverables
  • Design proposal with 2-3 options for landing page and resource page for review and approval
  • Landing page (“selected collections”)

    • First draft of the landing page for review and feedback
    • Second draft of landing page for final review and feedback
    • Final landing page that includes user feedback on testing
  • Resources page template

    • First draft model for resources
    • Second draft
    • Last page that includes user feedback on testing
  • Instructions and step by step with key members of the READY team

Qualifications required

  • Knowledge of WordPress content management (preferably using “Avia Advanced Editor” and “Elementor” visual editors), front-end and back-end development and html coding required
  • 5+ years of professional experience in website design and development
  • Diverse portfolio of website samples
  • Experience translating technical source material into accessible web design
  • Strong project management skills and attention to detail.
  • Knowledge of global health/infectious diseases preferred.
  • Ability to start work immediately and work across multiple time zones in the US and UK.

How to register

To apply for this consultation, please email Laura Romig, [email protected] by Monday, August 29 with the following:

  • CV/declaration of abilities
  • Examples of relevant past work, especially interactive web pages (live examples strongly preferred)
  • References: Contact details of three previous clients
  • Proposal, including timeline and budget
    • Please include a separate line for possible content management support, such as uploading files and creating resource posts for the first 30 resources.

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