What’s new in WordPress 6.0

A major new WordPress release is out and Jack Wallen provides the inside scoop on what’s been added.

Ostersund, Sweden - June 23, 2016: WordPress website on a computer screen.  WordPress is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL
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WordPress is the most widely used blogging platform out there. According to W3 Technology Surveys, WordPress is used by 64.1% of content management systems and 42.9% of all websites. It is important. It also means that WordPress developers are still active and working diligently to improve the platform.

Recently, the developers released the last major milestone of version 6.0. This version includes over 500 improvements and 400 bug fixes, so not only if you want to upgrade, you should consider this a must.

All of the additions to WordPress were created to make content creation and site building more intuitive and feature-rich. Site managers will find that these changes greatly improve the functionality of WordPress and provide developers with an even deeper understanding of the platform with many resources available.

Let’s take a look at the new features in the latest version of this popular blogging platform.

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It’s all about the writing experience

A lot of effort has gone into improving the writing experience with WordPress. Improvements in version 6.0 include the ability to select text in multiple blocks and edit it at once, quick access to the link menu (using the[[sequenceshownin[[sequenceshownin[[indiquéedans[[sequenceshowninFigure A) and the ability to keep applied styles while transforming blocks from one type to another, custom buttons, updated settings for tag clouds and social icons.

Figure A

Image: Jack Wallen/TechRepublic. Access the links menu by typing[[[[[[[[

You can also group, stack, and place paragraphs in rows by highlighting the paragraphs and clicking the option in the resulting context menu (Figure B).

Figure B

Image: Jack Wallen/TechRepublic. Formatting multiple paragraphs of text is now even easier.

You will also find five more template options with WordPress 6.0. These models are:

  • Author
  • Date
  • Categories
  • Label
  • Taxonomy

Patterns, patterns everywhere

Block templates are a collection of pre-made blocks that can be inserted into pages and posts and then customized as needed. When you edit a template, you will find a new quick insert module that displays templates and template parts (Figure C) to make your workflow even more efficient.

Models also appear in more places than just models. You can even use Quick Insert to add designs to headers and footers or save designs from the Designs Directory, allowing you to prioritize specific designs.

Figure C

Image: Jack Wallen/TechRepublic. Quick Pattern Insertion makes it easy to add patterns anywhere in your document.

Block improvements

An important feature added to WordPress 6.0 is block locking. Once a block has been locked, it cannot be moved or deleted. This is an especially important addition when multiple people administer a site if you don’t want them to be able to move blocks around pages and posts. You can also better control the spaces between blocks to add extra spacing between blocks and even do it with a group of blocks.

The list display function (Figure D) has also been improved so that you can now select multiple blocks, edit them as one, and even drag and drop them into the list.

Figure D

Image: Jack Wallen/TechRepublic. Now you can work with multiple blocks simultaneously.

Various improvements

Other improvements in WordPress 6.0 include the following:

  • Easier style changes to ensure your whole site is consistent
  • New color panel design takes up less space
  • New border controls
  • Color Transparency Levels
  • Export your custom block themes
  • New building blocks have been added, such as author biography
  • Save custom buttons feature so you can reuse custom buttons
  • The cover block dynamically grabs your featured image and uses it as the background image


New features in WordPress 6.0 make it much more efficient to use, and bug fixes keep your sites reliable. If you have sites that are currently using WordPress version 5.x, I highly recommend upgrading to the latest version to be up to date on features and security.

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